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Two Rivers GMB

The Two Rivers General Membership Branch is up and running. Wobblies in Butte, Missoula, and Hamilton have united to form a GMB. These three cities are tied together by two rivers, the Bitterroot and the Clark Fork. There convergence is in Missoula, a traditionally progressive community; thanks in large part to the University of Montana.

We are excited to announce that we have increased our visibility by attending a variety of social and economic justice events. It may surprise many who rarely think of Montana, but Wobbly lore is alive and well. At every event we sell a great deal of IWW merchandise. Frank Little and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn are important to our history as well as the struggles of the working class, so it shouldn't be such a big surprise that Montana has long been ripe for organizing with the IWW.

The Two Rivers GMB is actively organizing several job sites. We expect to successfully unveil them over the next several months. We would like to invite all IWWs to come to Montana and enjoy our state's natural wonder and radical past.

  • Address: 1250 34th St #D202, Missoula, MT 59801
  • Email:
  • Phone: (406) 531-0601
  • Blog:
  • Facebook: MT-IWW
  • Delegates:
    • Diane Keefauver (Missoula): (406) 531-0601
    • Dennis Georg (Butte): (406) 490-3869
    • Kevin Curtis (Butte): (406) 782-4149
    • Bill Morse (Billings): (406) 208-1138