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AT&T Workers, You Are Not Alone! Strike Flyer Handout

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Download and Print Flyer: Here
Find a Picket Line Near You: Here

If you are reading this then over 40,000 CWA union members have walked off their jobs as part of a three day strike against AT&T. The strike at the telecommunications giant is just one of the latest in a string of strikes by workers in the industry that have all pushed back against attacks on wages, health care, job outsourcing, and corporate globalization.

Despite tough talk from both major capitalist parties and Trump in particular, since the economic meltdown of 2008, the only thing that has changed is that billions of dollars have moved out of the hands of poor and working-class people and into the hands of the billionaires – who are now running the government.

In his first 100 days in office, Trump has slashed regulations, cut working and environmental standards, and pushed for massive tax cuts on the wealthy while slashing health care and medicaid for the poor and working class. Trump has done what politicians do best, placed the blame for the problems of society on refugees, immigrants, people of color, and activists, while rolling back gains that working people have made over the decades. Trump hasn’t made America great again for anyone – except the billionaire class. Despite all his right-wing rhetoric on ‘globalism’ Trump has just continued the system of neoliberalism that has pushed austerity, outsourcing, and financialization which have attacked workers, the environment, and the poor.

But the recent strikes by telecommunications workers, like the historic Verizon strike which lasted 49 days, shows that some people aren’t willing to keep taking it lying down. During the Verizon strike, workers fought back, both against scabs trying to break the strike and through the sabotage of company property. In the end, the Obama administration had to come in to break the strike and force the workers back to work.

Going out on strike must feel terrifying for some workers. Losing pay, being attacked in the media or by management, unsure as to what is going to happen. But whatever does go down, know that people struggling across the US support you. They support you standing up and fighting back. We are here to walk the picket lines, gather food and supplies, and stand up next to you in your struggle. Let’s work to unite our struggles, be they in workplaces, schools, neighborhoods; against racism, war, police violence, and environmental destruction.