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(7) I am a member of an independent union, not affiliated with an existing labor federation. Can we affiliate with the IWW?

If all of the following conditions are met, your independent union may affiliate with the IWW:

    (1) Your other union holds an inclusive, fair, membership-wide, secret-ballot referendum and the majority (50% + 1 vote) of the membership casting ballots votes in favor of affiliation with the IWW;

    (2) Your other union's Constitution and Bylaws are compatible with the IWW Constitution, or your other union's membership votes to amend their union's Constitution and Bylaws so that they become compatible with the IWW Constitution;

    (3) Your other union is not a craft union (i.e. it limits membership to certain crafts or trades within specific industries)--or if your other union is a craft union, it agrees to become an industrial union;

    (4) Affiliation with the IWW is conditionally approved by the IWW's General Executive Board; and

    (5) Affiliation with the IWW is not challenged by the membership of the IWW who're not also part of your other union.

There are several reasons why a recently established independent union might favor affiliation with the IWW, not the least of which is the IWW has a long history and is a stable organization. Additionally, affiliating with the IWW will save your independent union the time and energy spent on legal paperwork, as well as federal reporting paperwork required under your region's labor laws (if applicable). Finally, the IWW's reputation as a militant, democratic, fighting union will give your independent union additional visibility.