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What you need to know about paying your dues.

If you have NOT joined the IWW yet, you need to initiate through this page first!

Once you become a member of the IWW, you are expected to keep your membership dues current.  Unlike most unions, IWW dues are not deducted from your paycheck by your employer.  You must pay your dues to an IWW delegate.

Delegates are dues paying members of the IWW elected by their branch, shop, or industrial union.  Ocassionally, some delegates are appointed "at large" where no IWW branch, shop, or local industrial union office currently exists.

The best way to maintain your dues is stay in touch with your local IWW delegate, if one is nearby.

Here are the options you have:

  • (1) Contact your local IWW delegate (through your local IWW branch) and pay your dues to them in person. (This may be difficult if you live far away from any other known members).
  • (2) Mail your dues money to your local IWW Delegate or Branch. After processing the dues, the delegate should send the dues stamps back to you to paste in your book.
  • (3) Mail your dues payment to the IWW's General Headquarters and note which months the dues are for.
  • (4) Become an IWW Delegate yourself.  As a delegate, you may pay dues to yourself (but then you must mail these dues to GHQ along with a report of your activities each month), sign up new members in your area, and collect their dues as you help build the IWW in your community / industry. Contact our General Headquarters if you wish to become an IWW delegate.
  • (5) If no other option exists, you may pay your dues online, but we only recommend this option if all other options are unavailable.

Remember, your red IWW membership card is the ultimate record of your dues payments.