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How to Pay Your IWW Union Dues Electronically

This page is dedicated to existing members of the IWW who are not part of any shop, branch, or regional organizing committee.

You may pay dues to us electronically using an American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa Credit Card. Alternatively, you may use a debit card with a Mastercard or Visa logo on it. You must supply the billing address listed on your credit or debit card bill, phone number (if you have one), and e-mail. This is a secure, on-line transaction service offered by and there is no fee to you, but you must set up a PayPal account, using your e-mail and password. Do not forget this password if you wish to use this service regularly.

When you are ready to make your payment, simply click on the appropriate dues rate button

Make Your Dues Payment Here

The dues rate for the IWW is as follows:

  • Minimum Dues = $11.00 (US) per month - if you make less than $2,000.00 (US) per month;
  • Regular Dues = $22.00 (US) per month - if you make between $2,000.00-$3,500.00 (US) per month;
  • Maximum Dues = $33.00 (US) per month - if you make more than $3,500.00 (US) per month.


Make a One-time Dues Payment:

You may pay as many months dues in advance as you wish. For example, if you pay for 12 month dues at $22.00, you pay $264.


Set-up Regular, Ongoing Dues Payments:

You may set up PayPal to make your dues payments at monthly intervals, like a subscription; you can cancel at any time.

Remember, you can cancel your automatic dues payments at any time if you wish.


You can keep current in your dues even if unemployed!

If you are unemployed, and have limited funds, but wish to remain a member in good standing, you may make special arrangements with your branch or with GHQ to pay subminimum dues at $6.00 (US) per month. If you wish pay subminimum dues, please contact us to explain your situation, and make arrangements to pay sub-minimum dues.

NOTE: Ocassionally the secure server at may experience down-time. If you cannot connect to the secure payment screen, please try again later.