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Starbucks Solidarity Night in Boston a success!

The Boston IWW raised $380 for the Starbucks Workers Union in the first of a series of planned IWW Solidarity Nights. Solidarity for Fellow Workers, great music and food was what it was all about. The benefit had a great turnout despite a last minute change in venue. In between act FW's from our branch spoke to the crowd about what is going on with the campaign and the fired Baristas. The word defiantly got out to the community of the continuing assault on Starbucks workers by the company. The event was held on September 9th at the Zeitgeist Gallery in Cambridge, and featured performance's by Dieselhorse, Evan Greer(The riot folk Collective), Jake and the Infernal Machine, Clara Hendricks, Bill Bumpus and Ryan Harvey.

The branch plans to continue holding Solidarity Nights on a regular basis in support of IWW organizing campaigns, particularly when workers are victimized for their union membership.

The Boston GMB has a SWU Committee on the street ready to talk with Boston Starbucks Baristas! For more information call 617.873.0843 or email us at