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Boston: Actions in Support of Starbucks Baristas and Farmers

This Thursday, December 21, Boston locals took action in support of Starbucks baristas and farmers. Workers with the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) and students set up a table near a Starbucks just outside of Boston with information on fair trade, the IWW, and Starbucks' anti-worker and anti-union practices.

Starbucks has made every effort to keep workers in the United States (specifically New York City) from organizing, including firing workers for their union activity.

We spoke with a number of employees who were very interested and receptive, in fact all of the workers we talked to were with the exception of a woman who asserted that she was part of the CWA (in the AFL-CIO). We had a discussion with one worker when he got off work about why he thinks unions are important and the Haymarket martyrs. A large IWW flag was held high above the street and students sang union songs together from both sides of the road We also had a lengthy discussion with a woman working across the road who is a former Starbucks barista and who strongly agreed with our action. After a while we moved to a different Starbucks down the street and continued. More actions are planned in the area soon.

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