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2008 IWW labor history calendar still available

The 2008 "Solidarity Forever" labor history calendar published by the Industrial Workers of the World since 1985 is available.

Images span the period from the 1886 Haymarket Demonstration, where workers protesting police brutality against striking workers were attacked by police, to an August 2007 march in North Providence, Rhode Island, in solidarity with IWW-organized foodstuffs workers, which ended with another brutal police attack which sent one Wobbly to the hospital with a severed artery. Other images include a 1920s strike by black and white Alabama coal miners, child labor from India, a Southern California strike by immigrant framers forced to take buses to the picket lines after immigration authorities started attacking their strike caravans, a sit-down strike by Philadelphia streetcar workers, a massive Stockholm (Sweden) rally in solidarity with Sacco and Vanzetti, Detroit teachers picketing against demands for deep concessions, the Paterson strike, immigrant rights protests and more. Hundreds of dates commemorate events in world labor history.

The cover is red and black on white, the interior art is black and white. The calendars open to 11 by 17, and are designed and printed by union labor. Copies are $10 each, or $6 each for five or more copies to the same address. Please add $2 for shipping. The calendar can be ordered at from our online store, or from IWW Literature Dept., PO Box 42777, Philadelphia PA 19101.

Nominations of dates or photographs for inclusion in the 2009 calendar are always welcome. Send to: books [at]