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Solidarity for IWW Members! - Phone Zap Thursday (Oct 21) - Saturday (Oct 23)

Thank you to all of you who participated in the call-in a few weeks ago. as some of you may know, Ozzie's had their lawyers write a threatening letter to the GHQ of the IWW after the last phone zap in which they tried to intimidate us out of exercising our right to free speech and our right to engage in protected union actions against corrupt, anti-union bosses.

So we need to step up the pressure! that's why the NYC branch of the IWW is asking you to join us in a second phone zap against Ozzie's. this time we're asking that people call and text both the SM Rafael and the co-owner Melissa Azulai, in addition to calling the two Ozzie's locations in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday - October 21-23, 2010.

  • Call and/or text GSM Rafael: (347) 658-4190
  • Call and/or text co-owner Melissa Azulai: (718) 496-6623
  • Call the 5th Avenue location: (718) 768-6868
  • Call the 7th Avenue location: (718) 398-6695

Once again, thank you for participating earlier, now lets hit them twice as hard!!! feel free to leave them multiple texts and/or voicemails. please be polite, yet firm, in issuing your demands:

  • 1. reinstate fired union barista, jeff bauer.
  • 2. stop lying about jeff's work ethic.
  • 3. treat workers with dignity & respect.
  • 4. obey federal labor laws, especially in regards to the national labor relations act.
  • 5. stop wage theft. pay time and half for overtime and stop the SM from illegally taking a cut of the tips.