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Communications, Computer, and Software Workers Industrial Union 560

Who We Are

We are members of the Industrial Workers of the World who work in the telecommunications, information technology, and software industries. If you'd like to discuss working conditions, or have decided to start organizing to improve things in your workplace, get in touch.

Like all of the IWW's constituent unions, we seek to build solidarity between all workers in our industry, regardless of occupation, degree of training, or union membership status. We are adamantly opposed to all forms of discrimination and prejudice, and are keenly aware of the prevalance of sexist and ageist attitudes in our industry.    

Workers in our industry are largely unorganized. We aim to organize workplaces, but also to support the struggles of workers affiliated with other unions. We bring to these struggles an analysis of capitalism and a commitment not just to improving conditions today, but to building a world with economic democracy tomorrow.

Organizing Department Board Contact

    •  organize [at]